15 toughest ‘would you rather’ questions for mums

Maybe you have played with a game? No it’s not quite such as the Game of Thrones, but it as challenging. This can be more like the Sport for Mums’ edition.

The would you rather game is compiled of classic family dilemmas that’ll question your housekeeping preferences and your very being. They have been designed to help you understand yourself better, in addition to other members of our community that was lovely.

Are you ready to confront these dilemmas that are hopeless? Here they are!

  1. Would you rather live using a total slob, or an OCD freak?
  2. Would you rather experience your kid’s temper tantrums in a busy library/church, or have your youngster pee/poo itself while shopping in Target.
  3. Can you rather have someone constantly complain about your cleaning, or about your cooking?
  4. Would you rather trim the lawn with nail clippers, or pick all of your carpets clean with tweezers?
  5. Would you rather watch Frozen five times a day, every day, or have the whole house is gone through by lice?
  6. Would you rather NEVER have to do laundry, or NEVER wash the dishes again?
  7. Would you rather possess carton boxes in place of walls, or a carpeting instead of bathroom tiles?
  8. Would you rather do ALL OF the housework eternally, or have your partner do it ALL, but not the manner in which you need it done?
  9. Would you rather have your icebox smell like stinky feet all of the time, or your clothing to come a size smaller after laundry?
  10. Would you rather have your husband have him pick on his socks from a floor, or put the toilet seat back down?
  11. Would you rather be stuck in a room having a teething infant, or a hormonal adolescent to get a week?
  12. Would you rather clean your house with cotton swabs using a vacuum cleaner using a head the size of your thumb, or scrub the toilet?

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